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Custom Built Homes That Stand Out

Lawrence Goodman has been building custom homes for over 21 years in both the UK and Whistler. He has been involved with projects from the heritage restoration to the highest end homes in Whistler. Goodman Building does home renovations and property maintenance in Whistler and Pemberton.

Property Maintenance

Who better to get to maintain your property than the people who know houses inside and out? With Lawrence and his team’s extensive knowledge of house building and their deep knowledge and experience with multiple trades, we can cater for any property maintenance needs.


Not only will your home or property be maintained, what we have to repair will look even better than it did before.


Goodman Building handle renovations from a small kitchen to a large full house renovation. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. We work with the client to minimize the disruption, dust and debris that comes with construction. We are clean, tidy and efficient.


Goodman Building understand the need for effective planning to make a renovation run smoothly. We will work hard to help the client enjoy the process, rather than feel stressed out along the way.

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Lawrence Goodman

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Everything we build is tailored to your unique needs

Lawrence has been on the top builds in Whistler since taking up residence here in B.C. in 2016. His team has been involved in constructing the most expensive and impressive homes in Whistler from Stonebridge to Kadenwood.

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Mountain Resort

Award Winning Homes Built Exclusively in Whistler

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